Belkey Doubles Up at Volusia

Joe Belkey doubles up this past Saturday night winning the Bump-n-Run and the Thunder Stock Feature. Richard Ferry, Wryan Schaffer and Dustin Higdon also took home their respective class trophies. The Bump-n-Run was exciting as usual. Joe Belkey made one fan happy when he picked her ticket out of the Belkey bucket. All in almost $1,000 was given out to the fans last night. Stay tuned for the next Bump-n-Run event with another class.

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Thunderstock Shock Claim Rule Revision

After much discussion with racers and other race tracks the decision has been made to make a minor revision to the shock claim rule in the Thunderstock division at Volusia Speedway.

The current rule is $75 per shock and claimer must be on the lead lap. This will be updated to $100 per shock and the claimer must finish in the top five. All other conditions still apply.

Some have requested that the claim price be increased more but the majority of people with input have stated that the intent of the claim rule is to discourage the use of expensive racing parts in what is intended to be an affordable racing class.

This rule change will be updated on the Volusia Speedway website and will be effective as of the April 6th race event.

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Whitener “Parks It” for Pro Late Win

Pro Late Model Feature winner Saturday night, Magicman Mark Whitener said mid week he planned on winning this one and he lived up to his prediction. In the Winners Circle he said that he was getting ready for the upcoming Powell Memorial in June. Trey Pearson was second with several Fitz Factory drivers close behind.

The Street Stock Feature was won by David Showers Sr. with Tuck Trentham and Bubba Christian getting podium finishes. Showers Sr. got the fast lap award and Bubba Christian got the Hard Charger award.

The Gladiator Feature was won by the 2018 Gladiator Challenge Series Champion Rusty Young.

The first ever 602 Late Model feature was won by Bruce Harvey with Young Gun Brenden Smith close behind.

Next week, April 6th will be the return of the Top Gun Winged Sprint cars in the Barfield Memorial and the first race for the Open Wheel Modifieds.

1. 5 Mark Whitener Sr.
2. 14 Trey Pearson
3. 721 Joe Kump
4. 59 Brandon Catto
5. 24 Dennis Williams
6. 7 Will Gardner
7. 25 Donnie Chappell
8. 9 Mikey Kopka
9. 1L Homer Leonard
10. 4W Michael Whipple
11. 88 Chuck Cumby
12. 5W David Whitener
13. 10 Mark Steube
14. 2 Ronnie Chance
15. 15 John Bledsoe
16. 66 Kyle Chappell


1. 27 Rusty Young
2. 54Y Johnnie Yeomans Jr.
3. 20K Stephen Kramer
4. 21 Todd Latour
5. 20F Casey Feaster
6. F5 Nathan Rhoades
7. 7 David Showers Jr.
8. 41 Zack Martincic
9. 20Q Steven Quick
10. 34 Chris Montgomry
11. 46 Chuck Frater
12. 96 Cory Phillips
13. 1 Noel Latour – DNS
14. 55 Dustin Childers – DNS


1. 27 Bruce Harvey
2. 17JR Brenden Smith
3. 9 Kody Jett
4. 61 Lisa O’Connor
5. 64 Craig Montesi Jr.

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